CI error with DIND and archlinux image

I have a scheduled job that have been running without a hitch for months, but today it started failing.

Its a simple docker build command that is failing, but it works fine locally
docker run --rm -it archlinux:latest pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring --noconfirm

I assume there has been some change the CI system to explain this, but IDK what it would be =/

Has anyone else experienced this?

We have the same error with the latest image:

The issue is discussed here:

And has been escalated here:

In a nutshell, the bug has been fixed, however we’re all waiting for the fix to trickle down.

The last link, when released, should fix it Arch side, I hope!

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Awesome! thanks dude =]

For the search engine robots of the world, here is the error text:
error: failed to initialize alpm library 133(could not find or read directory: /var/lib/pacman/)