CI Lint - verify through command line tool or IDE plugin?

I need a tool that will verify the .gitlab-ci.yml file, not only for correct formatting (indentation), but also for correct syntax of keyword usage and parameters.

The business of $git add, commit, push .gilat-ci.yml to gitlab and then seeing the error in the pipeline (invalid .yml), and then cutting, copying and pasting from my IDE into the web app CI Lint is really overwhelming.

Before $git add, commit, push, I would like to validate the file for correct formatting and syntax

I am looking for something that will run at the command line (cygwin), or work in any Jetbrains IDE (IntelliJ, PyCharm), etc.

If there is anything out there, or close, please advise. I see Jetbrains plugins for gitlab, but they do not validate the .gitlab-ci.yml file,

thank you,