CI pipelines stuck pending "waiting to be picked by a runner" on

All of my pipelines are currently stuck in a pending state “waiting to be picked by a runner” on One has been hung for nearly an hour. The pipelines haven’t changed. Is something wrong with the runners on

I’m also getting this for the past 2 hours or so:

It happened to me around a week ago and then they started running a few hours later.

I have no other jobs running.

I have tried from two different repos and found the same problem with both of them. I’ve had this happen before for 10-15 minutes, but this is much longer.

Mine are finally running again (one of them 15 minutes ago). It would be really nice to know if this was something one-of or if this is something I have to get used to (in which case I guess I’ll start operating my own runner).

It looks like it was a true problem yesterday and they pushed a new patch to try to fix it.

I didn’t find this page until after my pipelines started running again at about the same time as yours.