Cleaning storage from old artifacts on

I am having an organisation account on for a long time, before artifacts “expiry” feature has been implemented.
When I go to Used Quota I see there is 44GB storage taken by artifacts. I would like to clean up older artifacts. I use 4 weeks expire policy, and I don’t think I generate 44GB within 4 weeks. That is why I think those can be some old artifacts generated without expire option.
Is there any tool to track down storage used and clean it?


Have you checked this issue and the tool for artifacts cleanup that the author built? Perhaps that could be of use to you. :slight_smile:

thanks for info.
Does it work on or only self hosted instance?
Does it work for recent version of GitLab? post is 4 years old, for GitLab 8.12. The most recent commit is 2 years old.

I would ideally want a canonical way to solve my problem rather than community scripts.

I’m afraid that it’s only meant for self-hosted instances. I personally haven’t used the tool so i can’t guarantee it’s performance and if it will work with your version of GitLab.