Cleanup policy to remove old docker images not working


I try to setup the cleanup policy of my repository, but it don’t seems to work.
I read the conditions, and i don’t see any issues.

Can someone tel me if i’m missing something ?
After 3 days, no images has been deleted.
There is currently around 200.


  • Cleanup policy: enabled
  • Expiration interval: 30 days until tags are automatically removed
  • Expiration schedule: Every day
  • Number of tags to retain: 50 tags per image name
  • Tags with names matching this regex pattern will expire: .*
  • Tags with names matching this regex pattern will be preserved: (dev)|(prod)|(staging)|(preprod)

Example of a 2 months image that should be cleared:

  • Tag: 160520099
  • Date: Published to xxxxx image repository at 05:46 GMT+0200 on 2020-06-26
  • Manifest digest: sha256:xxxxx
  • Configuration digest: sha256:xxxxx

Thank’s in advance for your advices !