Clone & Push (mirror) - problems

So trying to mirror GitHub - Xilinx/linux-xlnx: The official Linux kernel from Xilinx to a local “disconnected” server via “sneakernet”

I can clone externally,

git clone -mirror OTHERREPO
"sneaker-net" into closed area

Once in the closed area, log in to local gitlab server and create project.
Goto repo->settings → repo → Branch Protections Turn ‘off’ branch protection

ISSUE#1: When I do that, where do I click “save” or “apply” - there is no button?
I think that is one of the roots of my problems

Now, “push” the repo to gitlab

step1:  git remote add NAME urltosever
step2: git push -mirror NAME

I do that, and it takes a while (its the linux kernel, duh)

Issue #2: At some point it says: 
Remote: Resolving deltas: 100% ...
Remote: Checking connectivity: 
Remote: GitLab: Push operation timed out

And I am stuck, where/how can I adjust this timeout?

Note: When I visit the repo in my gitlab instance it tells me the repo is 2.5gig

Really sort of stuck and don’t know how to debug this.

Issue #3 - More of a question: I know this kernel repo has some
git-hooks in the “.git/hooks” directory
I thought these are only run on the client side, not server side
so I don’t think these would be causing issues

I know this message came from the server
but I canot find the page that lets me adjust the timeout