Code_Quality job fails, cannot find 'lib/gitlab/ci/templates/utils/'

We have a code_quality job in our test stage which since about a day ago, has started failing with

can't open 'lib/gitlab/ci/templates/utils/': No such file or directory

Sample failed job:

This is on shared runners on .

We simply include the Code Quality job via

    - template: Code-Quality.gitlab-ci.yml

        - when: on_success
        paths: [gl-code-quality-report.json]

We have tried restarting affected jobs, and also created a new trivial Merge Request to check if the issue is reproducible with new MRs (it is).

Can you recommend further actions to solve this?


Hi @freetrader - The team is working on deploying a fix for this now.

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing

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Thank you James & GitLab team!

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