Code quality report regression?

There appears to be a regression in the code quality report diff?

Please see this MR on


On our self-hosted instance (with premium licensing), MRs that have not yet been merged are recently showing the same report as above – it reports that everything is different where it should report “no changes to code quality”.

  • What version are you on? Are you using self-managed or

    • GitLab Enterprise Edition 14.4.2-ee
    • self-hosted
  • Behavior above is as if the code quality diff is no longer performed.


As you have premium licensing, it means you have support from the Gitlab Team directly. You would get faster support by opening a ticket with them here:

You will most likely have to provide them with appropriate details so that they know you have a premium license active.

There are many fields in the form that I don’t have knowledge of, such as installation type or method; I’m not devops – I’m a dev supervisor. The issue shown above though is visible on right now; can you confirm you see the same thing @iwalker? Thank you.

If this behavior is visible on right now and confirmed to be an issue, would a ticket still make sense from my side?

I clicked the link and I can see code quality degraded. However I don’t know why it is like that, so I cannot help.

Forum support is mostly for users who do not have premium, so wanting assistance from community members. Since you have a paid premium package, this includes support via Gitlab’s official support tickets which I gave you the link to. I think it would be better for you to open a ticket. Then the Gitlab team could deal with your request as a priority and explain why such a situation exists, or get their devs to fix it if it really is an issue, and not a problem with the project/merge request itself.

Thanks @iwalker