Code-quality widget super slow to appear in MR


it there any way to make the Code-Quality widget appears faster on merge requests page?

Currently on our bigger project, it takes between 1m30 and 2 minutes to load the file https://gitlab.mydonain.tld/group/project/-/merge_requests/683/codequality_reports.json

What happen during this time ? is there a way to speed up this (like generating the report in the CI instead on generating on demand when looking at the MR ?


You might be experiencing what is described in Investigate possible incremental improvents to backend API performance for Code Quality reports (#387722) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab.

It’s pretty recent, so perhaps the product manager hasn’t yet had time to prioritize it.

ok thanks, let’s hope that’ ll land soon :-/

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Please consider giving it a :+1: and leaving a comment to say you’re affected by it.

This is always helpful to the team when it comes to prioritization, and sometimes asking follow-up questions from users who are experiencing the problem.

sure, I’ll do