Code snippets not highligting code

Im using Google Cloud Service

Installed Gitlab CE

Some ***** (who calls itself a developer), written Optinally name this file to add code highligting(...) when one wants to add a snippet (+ sign > Snippet).

Entering ,say, file.php does not initiate code highligting.

People are going to be much more interested in helping you if you keep a civil tone. (Also, if you want to rant about something, try to at least spell it correctly.)

Code highlighting only shows up on the displayed file once you click “Create Snippet” (or “Save Changes”, if you are editing an existing snippet). There is no code highlighting in the Snippet editor. If you don’t see code highlighting after you have clicked “Create”/“Save”, then you should check the browser’s JavaScript Console for errors and file a bug report.

I just saw the flag. That’s not a way to behave, you’ve earned a nice block. Congrats.