Collapse the Right Hand menu/toolbar/sidebar

We recently updated our self-hosted instance to v16.2.0-ee. With this update we’ve found that the right hand menu/toolbar/sidebar no longer collapses in our merge requests, nor can I find a way to collapse it.

While there are some changelog entries for modifying the right hand sidebar, I don’t see any (based on titles) that would imply that collapsing was removed.

Is this a new regression bug, or is there a toggle/feature that I’m overlooking to restore the functionality?

P.S. I have new navigation disabled (I find it to be a horrible slow down of my daily activities.)


This new menu has also lost some of the functionalities. It is not possible anymore to copy the branch’s name, or I can’t find how to do it.

Copying the branch name works with the small icon next to the branch name, below the MR title.

For more UX feedback, suggest commenting in 💬 Feedback: Issuable sidebar updates (#406603) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

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Hey, any new info regarding this topic? Seems like original question was ignored. Any resolution to it (either from GL team or the author @JRR)?

It is indeed really annoying waste of space (for smaller screens especially).

Thanks in advance.

The left hand side can be collapsed here:

Screenshot from 2024-03-05 14-29-34

the right hand side can be collapsed here:

Screenshot from 2024-03-05 14-29-26

if you don’t see these options, you probably need to upgrade Gitlab.

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The original question has never been addressed or resolved. The question is for the RIGHT hand side bar, not left.

I’ll double check the previous post regarding how to close the right hand sidebar.

There is no “Collapse sidebar” option for the right hand side, as illustrated below.

We have the latest deployment. We check for updates every Sunday.

We are currently running self hoste v16.9.1-ee, which version are you running where you see this option for collapsing the right hand sidebar?

Sorry, my mistake, I was in the issues area. We don’t use merge requests, but created one now to check/test, and also find that in merge requests there is no way to collapse it.

Suggest opening an issue here so that this can be addressed and added in a new version: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab might be worthwhile searching there first before opening one, just in case an issue already exists to address this.

Alternatively to above suggestion, create a product proposal using this template.

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Thank you for the suggestion.

Add ability to collapse right hand sidebar in merge request (#450866) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab has been opened