Combining review apps and merge result pipelines

We’re currently using review apps with our pipeline. Our branch strategy is to rebase feature branches, but merge into main.

A few instances have occurred where the branch passes the build, but the merge result fails (due to a refactoring or similar). As a result, we’re investigating the use of merge result pipelines.

But, I can’t see an (easy) way to run the two concurrently.

Our expectation is to commit a1 to the feature-1 branch. a1 is checked out and build, and deployed to the review app. Then a separate pipeline is run for the merge of a1 into main, and the build/unit test steps are run (not the review app deployment). This would happen whether the MR is in Draft or Ready status.

But, it seems that we can only have one or the other. The branch commit is used on the build for the Draft MR, and the merged commit is used for the Ready MR.

Is it possible to configure the pipeline to run both?