Commit Author Changed

Within the last updates of my Gitlab-ce install the commit author names have changed in multiple repositories. The user is external with access to only one private repo. How can I repair this? Are others seeing this with their repos?

My Gitlab-ce repository is in Maintenance Mode due to Gitlab changing commit authors randomly in multiple repositories with one of the recent updates done. I added a private repo project and added an external user which is a client. Now this client user account has shown up as the commit author to pushes done months / years ago. This user has no rights other than a developer in this one private project.

Should I attempt a restore from a backup or is their an easy way to restore the original author which is in most cases me.

I tried to do a restore of the previous pre-update backup and I got a version mismatch error.

This is getting uglier by the minute.

Can anyone suggest a resolution so I can get my open source repos back online?

I reverted to 14.7.0 and restored the backup for that version. The problem still exists. I’m stuck.

Can someone suggest a way I can edit the author of these changed commits?

Should I assume that Gitlab-ce is an unsupported product and if an update trashes your repo you’re just out of luck and should find something else?

This problem of commit authors changing randomly across multiple projects has become critical and I’m at a loss how to fix it.


*** RESOLVED ***

I deleted the client private group, project and user and the commits in all existing projects are back to their original authors. That sure was a PITA!