Configuration problems for CI builds with Git private submodule (x-post)

I’m re/cross-posting this into GitLab CI/CD as it’s not seen any activity in the original HowTo... location for the last two weeks.

Any suggestions?

Hey @rivy ,

It seems that you have no ssh executable on your runner (but you should be able to install it via a simple command). I assume that you are using runners. Per default the gitlab runners clone via https, not ssh. Maybe you can try to clone your source repo via https (like all the other submodules you have), so no ssh is required.

This would also explain why it works locally on your machine.

Did you try to run locally via the docker image?


Thanks for the reply…
I’ll work through your post suggestions and get back to you.

I’ve had some time to look back into this and realized that I had already tried the suggested solutions.

Unfortunately, ssh and the needed key installation is not particularly easy, and it’s a big security risk. HTTPS also doesn’t work well as it requires login information for private respositories, again difficult setup and a security risk.

I appreciate the suggestions.

I’m currently investigating access tokens.