Configure private runners

Hi All,

I have a question about the configuration of CI for a project. The project has already jobs and runners configured (kubernetes). What I would like to do is to add one or more runners that are private to me.
Available runners in my organization are slow, so my idea is to use my PC as runner. However, I would like to limit jobs which can run on it. I don’t want other people to run their jobs on my machine.
I know that I could use tags for that in .gitlab-ci.yml file, but other developer can add the same tag to their commits.
Is it possible to restrict runners to execute jobs from branches with a particular prefix?

I have the full access to the configuration of repo and CI for this project.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @awujek
Runners are available for a project as a whole not to individual members of the project. You can define if Runner should execute all branches or just the protected ones. Tags jobs or untagged. And that’s it.

By the way, nothing will stop other developers to prefix their branches the same way and use your runner.

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