Confirmation Instructions

I received an email this morning that was titled “Confirmation instructions” It was asking me to confirm an email added to my account. After confirming that is was not a phishing email, I clicked the link and received an error saying the link was no good.

I am not able to access my GitLab account that was using that email and cannot reset the password.

I did see that there was a forced email verification after the last release, but not sure why my account is messed up and don’t know who to contact to fix.

Thank you,


Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hey there!

Our Support Team is always happy to help with user access issues regardless of subscription type (Including Free users) - So if you’re having some any problems logging in due to confirmation, password reset or otherwise, please open up a ticket!

Take care


Didn’t know I could do that, thank you! I’ll open ticket.

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