Connect two gitlab instance

I have two separate GitLab instances, I want to connect them together so users on both instances have access to repositories on both the instances, How can I make this possible?

You could mirror the repositories from one instance to the other.
You could use an LDAP server and use LDAP for authentication with all the users in LDAP and then give permissions to all the users in each GitLab instance.

is mirroring a feature in the free tier ?

Here’s a link to repository mirroring. Certain features are free I think - I’m not sure because I don’t use this feature.

Push mirroring is included in core (free) tier, but pull mirrors and bidirectional mirroring are only available in Starter and up (paid plans).

Personally, I would suggest migrating all projects to one GitLab instance. This will avoid the work of setting up mirrors, ensure things stay in sync, and will avoid any merge conflicts that can happen as a result of bidirectional mirroring.


I agree gitlab-greg, It will be ideal to have one instance , but if I have two instance , is mirroring the only option , is there a traditional load balancing feature where requests are routed to proper instances according to quarries(This may sound crazy)