Connection reset by peer - ssl connect

This is a intermittent issue. On users entering login details, users sometimes login fine, other times receive a 500 error and on refresh will login, else they will be confronted with the SSL Connect error:

Similarly if I run a gitlab-rake gitlab:ldap:check[10] it will sometimes return me a a set of 10 results, other times return the SSL Connect error:
Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 09.16.22

I’ve managed to find one of these errors in the production_json.logs:

Here is a copy of my gitlab.rb:

Any thoughts? The fact it’s intermittent makes the issue more frustrating. I switched to verify_certificates: false and ran gitlab-ctl reconfigure as suggested in another post but the issue persists.

On another note this is a migrated instance from one set of infrastructure to another and was performed by someone else. I wasn’t sure if there could be some old config somewhere which may list a now defunct domain controller or something along those lines.

I discovered that the host had been set as ‘’ i.e. not specifying the dc to hit.
I updated this to ‘’ and it’s stable so far today. Will keep this open for a couple of days to confirm.
It looks like the ldap requests were being thrown out to the network and randomly reaching the ldap server on occasion, as neither the dc’s or the load balancer name (ldap) had not been specified.

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