Connection timeout for specific IP ( hosting)

I’m trying to connect to (private repositories and e.t.c) from hosting.
I’ve set config (public rsa, added to profile and so on).
Connection is going to establish from ip
No matter how I’m trying to do that:

every time I have this error:
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

Hosting provider tech support has told me, that they don’t have any restrictions or configs, that can block gitlab connection (I’m not sure, but they have told…) and that the problem causes on gitlab side.

By the way, I’ve setup same connection on few local PC, and remote servers. Everything works fine. But there is a problem with this hosting.

So, how I can solve this problem. Are there any problems on side? If aren’t What kind of problems can be on hosting side and how I can check it?