Connectivity Issues with GitLab via VPN for Admin/Maintainer Profiles

Hello GitLab Community,

We have been successfully running GitLab Community Edition (v16.7.0) for several years. Recently, due to remote work requirements, we’ve encountered an issue when connecting to our instance via VPN.

When accessing our GitLab instance directly from our network, everything functions correctly. However, when using a VPN connection, we face the following challenges:

  • Inability to access repository pages (home page, merge requests, issues, etc.)
  • Pages load indefinitely without displaying any error messages.

Interestingly, we can still access administration pages and modify parameters without any issues.

Upon investigation, we noticed that changing the access profile to “Developer” or “Reporter” resolves the problem. However, when using a profile with “Administrator” or “Maintainer” permissions, the issue persists.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem or have insights into where the issue might be rooted? Your assistance and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!