Containerd can't can not pull image from gitlab-registry

hi there!
I have a big problem and I really hope for your help.
I have installed gitlab-ce:15.2.3-ce.0 with registry enabled.
I successfully work with it using docker.
But I have a k8s cluster with containerd runtime that can’t login and pull the images.
the credentials are guaranteed to be correct, as my rest of the infrastructure works with them, and works successfully.
i am getting error:failed to fetch oauth token:unexpected status: 403 Forbidden from my containerd.
in logs of registry:
2023-02-27_11:36:35.52242 {“content_type”:“application/json”,“correlation_id”:“01GT9AJ0XYB9B471JJV7HMFX2V”,“duration_ms”:3,“host”:“my registry”,“level”:“info”,“method”:“HEAD”,“msg”:“access”,“proto”:“HTTP/1.1”,“referrer”:“”,“remote_addr”:“”,“remote_ip”:“*******”,“status”:401,“system”:“http”,“time”:“2023-02-27T11:36:35.521Z”,“ttfb_ms”:3,“uri”:“/v2/*****/manifests/dev-0.0.2”,“user_agent”:“containerd/v1.5.7”,“written_bytes”:165}
I found a similar problem on the link, but it seems to have remained unresolved: