Content Type for a generic package


I’m trying to publish my first package using CI/CD. For me, “package” means a .deb file, so I think that’s a “generic” package. I’m getting a 415 error, indicating the wrong Content Type, but I suspect did something else wrong before I wandered into the weeds.

The idea is just to upload a file from the build box to the gitlab webserver, where others can find it and download it.

From the gitlab-runner account on my build box, I try this:

 curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <project-access-token>"       \
 	  --upload-file pkgs/gcobol-13_13.0.10_x86_64.deb        \

{“error”:“The provided content-type ‘’ is not supported.”}

I know the token is good because I’m not getting 401 or 403 anymore. :slight_smile:

This is to be executed from the Deploy stage because I haven’t figured out what the “Release” stage is supposed to do for me.

This is a self-hosted Free tier gitlab instance, version 15.6.

Does the above command look like it should post a file?


I had the same problem. I added:

--header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data"

This solved

{“error”:“The provided content-type ‘’ is not supported.”}

But now gives me a “Bad Request” response. Did you manage to upload it and how?