Contribution analytics "Avg m"

Hi everyone,

I have a question about a mysterious “Avg m” on
In the contribution analytics page of an arbitrary project, you will find boxes showing each contributor’s commits over time if you scroll down a bit.
Below these boxes, for each, is “Commits Avg: XXXm · Max: Y”.
I cannot find any documentation or mention of this “Avg m”, not by existing posts nor GitLab itself.

I hope I am not missing something obvious ^^

Hi benalex1,

I got nerdsniped by this question as well, and dived into the code. The open source version of Gitlab does not contain this change (yet), so no luck there. You can find the chart component over here: app/assets/javascripts/contributors/components/contributors.vue · master · / GitLab · GitLab

I looked into the minimized Javascript files via the developer tools and found the answer:
it is basically the average commits per day. But before displaying the number, they format the number with SI units notation, so 3000 becomes 3k, 4 million becomes 4M, and 0.23 becomes 230m. So basically, an average of 230 milli-commits/day.

The more we know I guess :stuck_out_tongue: