Could not retrieve the pipeline status. For troubleshooting steps, read the documentation

This message is like a plague for us. One doesn’t simply create a mere MR without seeing that.


I read the documentation many times, it says that Sidekiq cannot do something fast enough. That’s not true as any time later that message doesn’t go.

Then what does that REALLY mean? How to get rid of it?

Dear Administration. I updated the question and uploaded a picture. For some reason it’s not showing. Would you mind to have look?

I see. It’s a sort of difficult question…

Where did the “read the documentation” link in the screenshot take you to? It would help to provide that link. Unless it was this: Troubleshooting a GitLab installation | GitLab

Either way, we cannot answer your question because without any more details it’s impossible. Check the log files under /var/opt/gitlab and see if you can find out why. If you see any errors in the logs, post them. Otherwise it’s impossible for anyone to help you with such minimal information. Also check:

gitlab-ctl status

and make sure you don’t have issues with services not running, etc. Also would help to know exactly what version of Gitlab is installed and running.

Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t have an access to the logs now, but I’ll try to get it.