Coverage command for Python test "not found"?

When running the test stage of my Python 3.7 project, the tests are executed and pass as expected.

The CI configuration from .gitlab-ci.yml is as follows:

  stage: Testing
    - pip install coverage
    - cd src
    - python -m pytest --cov=.
    - coverage xml
      cobertura: src/coverage.xml

The error I am seeing is:

$ coverage xml
/bin/bash: line 130: coverage: command not found
Uploading artifacts for failed job
Uploading artifacts...
WARNING: src/coverage.xml: no matching files       
ERROR: No files to upload                          
Cleaning up file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

Coverage (as a command) seems to work on my local machine within a normal Python virtualenv and the coverage.xml file is generated within the src directory.