Create new pipeline with GitLab GraphQL API

I’m trying to create a new pipeline and pass in custom variables as arguments.

I see the REST API already has an endpoint for exactly this: Pipelines API | GitLab.

I was wondering if there was an equivalent endpoint in the GraphQL API? I couldn’t find it.

Good question. I am using both REST and GraphQL. I noticed that there are tons of features in REST that you can’t do in GraphQL, especially features that make modifications (at least in 14.10–yes, way behind). I’m actually using GraphQL just for query.

Apologies if you already know this, but the best way I’ve found to browse features is to go to the GraphiQL browser at https://{gitlab-host}/-/graphql-explorer. This lets you test queries, and if you click on Docs in the upper right corner, you can click around everything in the API. The top level for queries is Query and the top level for changes is Mutation. I don’t see anything to create a pipeline but you might have it in your version.