Creating a blocking issue on self-managed instance


I am trying to wrap my head around the following difference I have noticed between the Cloud version and the self-managed version of GitLab:

When I create an issue in GitLab on my self-managed instance I cannot use the /block and /blocked_by options, however, I do have those available in the Cloud.

Is this a matter of a configuration option on the self-managed instance, or is this a difference between products?

I appreciate any feedback.

What version of Gitlab for your self-managed? gitlab-ce? gitlab-ee?

I have CE, and don’t have it in my own instance, and on Gitlab SaaS (cloud version), I do have these options just like you. I haven’t an EE version installed to see if it’s available for free or not. The docs here do suggest a paid subscription: Linked issues | GitLab

I know that EE when the instance reports back data to Gitlab, that some EE features are available for use - so if you do have EE on your server, check and enable those options. But again, I cannot confirm since I don’t have an EE install to check/verify that.

Hey, thanks for checking! Actually I need to double check what version we have for our self-managed setup. But it’s good to know that you are seeing a similar situation.

Yep check what you have installed, either with:

rpm -qa | grep -i gitlab


dpkg -l | grep -i gitlab

then see if it’s gitlab-ce or gitlab-ee. Perhaps build a test server with gitlab-ee if you have gitlab-ce installed, and see if those options are available to you (ensure that the reporting metrics to Gitlab for version, etc is enabled so that some EE functionality is enabled).