Creating new SSH & GPG Keypairs with new email address for GitLab?

On GitHub, I had successfully created an SSH key pair from the terminal in GNU/Linux (I’m running TrisquelGNU v8.0 “Flidas” as my desktop OS). However, the email address which I use on GitHub is not the same as the email address which I use here on GitLab, so I assume that I will need to generate a whole new SSH key pair for use here. I am not very experienced with SSH keys, so I’m concerned about the possibility of affecting the existing key pair in some way if I try to generate another one using the same method I used to generate the first one. Can I please get some advice (preferably in non-technical terms) about how best to achieve this. If all else fails I could spin up a VM and generate the new SSH key pair in that, but I think that’s probably overkill. Any advice here would be appreciated, and I’ll probably need the same advice for generating my new GPG key pair as well. Thanks.

I think I have gotten the SSH key working now. In the end I did generate a new SSH key in a VM, then copied the resultant files back to my host machine, renaming the new ones on the way so as to not accidentally overwrite my existing id_rsa and files. Then I followed the instructions on GitLab for creating a ~/.ssh/config file to tell SSH the name of my GitLab SSH profile. When I did the test ssh -T it returned the proper Welcome to GitLab message, so I guess it is all working now.

Can you share how did you manage with the config file?
I have 2 gitlab accounts, one personal and the other at my job.
There’s no way i can manage to enter my new personal account.
First i tried it with my original key for work, then i realized it has to be unique, then i created anotherone, adde it to my gitlab account and nothing , i cannot authenticate, tried it with the config file but i don’t understand how to wirte the fields