cURL Trigger for Branch Specific Rebuilds


I have two branches in my project:

  • master (protected)
  • devel

I’m trying to manually trigger a rebuild for the devel branch with:

curl -X POST \
    -F token=[TOKEN] \
    -F ref=devel \[ID]/trigger/builds

and I simply receive {"message":"No builds created"}.

I found a comment in issue 2728: Change build triggers to get HEAD of the REF.

The build triggers use HEAD for specific branch as of 8.1.


Unfortunately, I don’t really understand the response given to that issue. I’ve attempted a few iterations of the ref definition, but none of them seem to work.

  • heads/devel
  • devel/HEAD
  • refs/heads/devel

(I realize some of these are borderline nonsensical, but I’m at wit’s end.)

Any ideas as to how I can issue a triggered rebuild of a specific branch in my project?