Default merge request diff view

Is it possible configure the Merge Request diff view defaults? For example, a user might want to always show unchanged lines, and show side-by-side? I can’t see a default option for this anywhere within the Preferences section, and only some of these options appear to be remembered between sessions or MRs.

As far as I know:

  • Showing side-by-side view choice is remembered and the user needs to select it only once. Does our experience differ?
  • There is no setting to always show all unchanged lines
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Thanks for responding Tomas! I believe all of that is correct, but if you’re seeing anything different with regards to side-by-side/inline, let us know.

For transparency on the show unchanged lines I don’t think we’d want to default that to true or even allow it as an option as in many cases that could be a lot of unneeded information that we’d then need to load for the user.

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