Default repository storage setup in Docker image deprecated?

I’m currently setting up a GitLab instance for a small team, for which I’m using the Docker installation method as documented.

Now I’ve stumbled about the repository storage documentation, in which it is stated that “GitLab directly accessing a directory containing repositories is deprecated.”

The data is currently stored at /var/opt/gitlab/repositories/@hashed. Do I have to worry about that?

I would prefer not to increase the overall complexity by another software component (Gitaly).


I think what it means is gitaly will be accessed, but it still has to point from gitaly to an area on a disk, rather than direct access bypassing gitaly.

For example, if you check gitlab.rb there will be an option similar to the documentation relating to git_data_dir and here will be the path to /var/opt/gitlab/git-data which in turn leads to repositories/@hashed.

My server has been running since 12.x and is on 14.3.3 now. I guess since 14.0 a gitaly service was started and responsible for communication between Gitlab itself and the repositories on the disk/filesystem.

Thanks! And indeed: git-data/repository seems to belong to Gitaly. I haven’t found a hint in gitlab.rb, but in /var/opt/gitlab/gitaly/config.toml. And there is a hidden file .gitaly-metadata in git-data/repository.
Insofar, I do not bother further :-).