Delete mirrored branch on Google Cloud Source when a pull request is merged


I’m mirroring a repository to Google Cloud Source (GCS).
Everything works as expected. However, when I merge a pull request on Gitlab, and remove the feature branch, the same branch is kept in GCS. Is this the expected behaviour?
If so, how can I configure the mirroring to remove the branches there as well?

I’m using (free account). The mirroring is of type Push.

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Same problem here. In our case it also happened when simply deleting a branch directly in GitLab. THe deletion is not reflected in the mirrored repo.

This means that, In the mirrored repository, branches will pile up that meanwhile have been deleted in the GitLab repo and do not exist there anymore.

If we instead delete a remote branch from our local development machines, with the local repo being connected to the GitLab repo, then the deletion becomes effective both in the GitLab repo as well as in the mirrored repo.


similar issues here. The deletion of the branch does not sychronize to the mirrored repository after a merge request has been performed. Additionally, the mirrored repository does not delete the branches at all, neither after manual deletion via IDE nor the after manual deletion in GitLab directly.

I don’t know whether this is related, but when I try synchronize the repositories in Settings/Repository/Mirroring repositories manually, I get a “Error getting deploy keys”.