Deleted the LFS objects from GitLab repository however storage space still not freed up

I have a GitLab repository, and using the feature branch, remove-lfs I pushed some LFS objects after running these commands in the same order

git lfs install git lfs track "lfs/*.mp4" git add . 

and then commit and push that I later deleted them (including .gitattributes file) with the below commands:-

git filter-repo --force --path lfs/ --invert-paths 

My LFS files got deleted successfully from the Gitlab remote repository however the space occupied by LFS objects is still not freed up as shown in this screenshot below even after running below commands:-

git push --force --all origin git reflog expire --expire=now --all git gc --prune=now --aggressive git push -u origin --tags -f 

How to regain the space occupied by deleted LFS objects?