[deployer@IP Address]: Host key verification failed in Pipeline


I hope you are well.

We have setup our own git server as [https://git.sunsoftapps.com<https://git.sunsoftapps.com/]https://git.sunsoftapps.comhttps://git.sunsoftapps.com/ (https://git.sunsoftapps.com/) .

We have tried the Laravel application by CI/CD and Envoy deployment.

In Pipeline, Test_Unit is executed successfully. But Deploy_Production is getting the error as mentioned below.

$ ~/.config/composer/vendor/bin/envoy run deploy --commit="$CI_COMMIT_SHA"
[deployer@[deployer@](mailto:deployer@]: Host key verification failed.
[✗] This task did not complete successfully on one of your servers.
Cleaning up file based variables
mesg: ttyname failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
ERROR: Job failed: Process exited with status 1

Here I have enclosed the .gitlab-ci.yml and Envoy.blade.php.

Also I have enclosed the screenshot for the pipeline error.

Kindly check and provide the solution for [deployer@[deployer@](mailto:deployer@]: Host key verification failed.

I have already added the SSH_PRIVATE_KEY and Deploy Keys in the Repository in [https://git.sunsoftapps.com<https://git.sunsoftapps.com/]https://git.sunsoftapps.comhttps://git.sunsoftapps.com/ (https://git.sunsoftapps.com/) .

Also I have added the git clone in the remote server. Also it was added in known hosts in that server in deployer User.

But still we are getting the error [deployer@[deployer@](mailto:deployer@]: Host key verification failed.

Please check and provide the solution right now.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards
G. Karthik Kumar