Deploying a gitlab instance on National Research Platform - Nautilus

Hi everyone. I’m trying to deploy a GitLab instance on Nautilus Hypercluster. I’ve downloaded the neccessary dependencies and I’m a user of a namespace called m3learning on nautilus.

After adding the github repo, I tried installing Gitlab with default config. Here is the command:

But, it would give me these errors:

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: execution error at (gitlab/charts/certmanager-issuer/templates/cert-manager.yml:14:3): You must provide an email to associate with your TLS certificates. Please set

Error: Unable to continue with install: CustomResourceDefinition “” in namespace “” exists and cannot be imported into the current release: invalid ownership metadata;

Is it absolutely neccessary for me to have a domain and certmanager email address with certificates?

Is there no way to do it without this?

I’m not sure what Nautilus Hypercluster is, but the error sounds like a Kubernetes cluster.

If you do not want to use cert manager with Lets Encrypt, there are other options described in the docs: Configure TLS for the GitLab chart | GitLab

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