Deploying to on-premises

I have a requirement to deploy to an on-premises server via Gitlab enterprise.

I’m a little puzzled how to do this, since all my experience stems from the Cloud! Is there any guidance how best to do this?

Setup a Kubernetes cluster with a Gitlab runner?

Use something like VMware to setup different VMs? Use Nomad? What is typical?

Any best practices I could adopt / follow here? Many thanks,


Probably about the easiest and less painless way is set yourself up a VM, and then follow the install guide here: Download and install GitLab | GitLab

Choose the appropriate distro that you’ve created the VM with and then follow the few steps that are there to get you running. All other stuff is very well documented here:

Whether you prefer docker or kubernetes/openshift to run it on instead is up to you. I find it far less painful and easier to maintain via a VM than run it in a container. But that’s just my personal preference. Others may disagree :slight_smile:

I’m not asking how to setup/Gitlab… I’m asking how to get a “hello world” Docker image deploying from a Gitlab pipeline to a VM.

I agree, a VM is the way to go, but I’m looking for examples of how to do that from .gitlab-ci.yml.

Thank you!

You can review the CI Templates documentation page for various examples of GitLab’s CI configurations you can use

Say I have docker run gitlab/gitlab-runner on a VMware foo, can I run docker {pull, stop,run} in a deploy stage to run another container on the host?