Deployment using Rancher + GKE fails with PGSQL authentication woes

I’ve been trying for a couple of days to deploy Gitlab using your hosted main gitlab chart. I have a couple of issues, but the main blocker issue is getting Unicorn and Sidekiq to fully initialize. I’m using Rancher to do the deployment on a GKE cluster. I am also using a Google Cloud SQL PGSQL 9.6 cluster with SSL turned on and the certificates generated and placed into a secret call postgresql-ssl-secrets with keys client-cert.pem, client-key.pem, and server-ca.pem each with their respective contents in place. This secret us visible in all namespaces in the cluster.

Upon deployment, most things kick right over, but both Unicorn and Sidekiq give me the following error in the migration logs:
PG::ConnectionBad: could not load private key file “/etc/gitlab/postgres/ssl/client-key.pem”: no start line

I’m not entirely sure why this is or how to go about fixing it. It seems that the secrets are not getting mounted in the containers, or maybe it’s something more exotic.

My answers to the charts are listed here: Values Used Deploying Gitlab on through Rancher on GKE ($1902700) · Snippets · Snippets · GitLab

Perhaps I’ve made some simple mistake, but I’ve tried several variations on these values and was having the same problem before, but without an error message until I switched to using the internal Redis…