Depoying a certain build


My CI has two main steps. Build and deploy. The result of build is that an artifact is uploaded to maven nexus. And currently deploy step just takes the latest artifact from nexus and deploys it.

What I need is the possiblity to somehow deploy older builds.
I see two possiblities for this.

  1. Somehow start keeping information on what build resulted in what artifact and when running an older deployment manually then find the specific artifact from nexus and deploy it.
  2. Make an totally independent deployment task which takes the artifact as an argument.

Both of them seem kind of strange to me. Is there a better solution?

Hi @donaldtbd! I feel confident that someone in the community will be able to help you out with their experience so I will leave this thread open for them to reply.

I just wanted to say “welcome” and thank you for sharing your use case in our forum! Hope you get what you need. Let me know! :blush: