Designs not activated - LFS is

Hello everyone,

I don’t know why but the designs tabs in my issues are deactivated in my gitlab instance. I’m using the gitlab-ce in it’s latest version (13.1.4). LFS in my project is activated and I enabled (or rather checked if it is enabled) LFS globally, as described over here:

Did I miss something or does that seem like a bug to you?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @Lozik! I am going to help look into this with you. While I do that on my end, I wanted to ask if you have already searched for this in our bug issue tracker?

If this is a known issue or bug, it will be in there! :blush: Let me know - talk soon!

Hi @Linds and thank you for trying to help! Yes I have already searched across the internet, especially in Gitlab’s issue tracker and I seem to be the only one having that issue. But that feature is fairly new in the CE version and will thus not have as many people who tested it. That’s why I wanted to first ask in the community if anyone has followed the same exact steps but ending in working designs, instead of disclosing a bug that is not actually a bug and nobody is able to confirm. :see_no_evil:

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Okay, I found the issue: My repositories were not yet based on hashed storage. The error message was, however, misleading as it told me that LFS needed to be activated to use the feature (which was the case the whole time).

Thanks for letting us know you found the issue, @Lozik! :blush: