Did executing gitlab-ctl reconfigure after a database migration reconfigure NGINX listen_port from 18080 to 8080?

Hello again, GitLab Forum! It’s been a minute since I posted!

I just backed up and copied a production database from Gitlab CE 16.3.4 on RHEL 7 to a test server (also running Gitlab CE 16.3.4) on RHEL 8 in a non-prod environment.

I ran into an issue with switching the default web server from Unicorn to Puma, but setting the correct key value settings mentioned here solved the problem, and I have one oustanding concern I’m hoping I can get some clarity about.

As required, I copied /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and /etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json from the old server to the new server, and after running gitlab-ctl reconfigure, I noticed that the NGINX listen port was configured to port 8080. I was expecting port 80 or 443, so I checked and the old RHEL 7 server I copied the database and the config files from, and it showed the NGINX listen port is configured to 18080:

gitlab.rb on old gitlab server: nginx['listen_port'] = 18080

gitlab.rb on new gitlab server: nginx['listen_port'] = 8080

When I ran gitlab-ctl reconfigure, did the setting above (nginx['listen_port']) get modified from 18080 to 8080 on the new server? I’ve read a couple of GitLab forum posts and GitLab docs that I used to complete this database migration to a new server, but I didn’t see any mention of switching the NGINX port it’s listening on: Restore GitLab | GitLab