Disable email notifications for jobs canceled due to another job starting

I receive emails whenever a pipeline job fails, which is what I want. However, if a job is cancelled due to another job starting on the same branch, that also counts as a failure and sends me an email. I would expect the “failed” status to mean that the job has encountered an actual error, and not just that it was canceled to start a new job.

When a job is canceled due to a new job starting on the same branch, can I make GitLab mark that job with the “canceled” status instead of “failed” so I don’t get emailed every time multiple commits are made in quick succession? I want the “failed” status to represent a legitimate failure in execution, not just an outdated job being canceled.

This is annoying as every time someone makes a change to a branch within 5 - 10 minutes of the last change, I get emailed with a false failure. It also makes the job history list unclear, because it’s not immediately apparent which jobs were canceled, and which ones actually failed because of an error.