Discussions rendering timeout/slow loading

Greetings everyone.

We currently use Gitlab CE (built from source). It all works great except for one major issue: we have a lot of discussions on issues and merge requests. Due to the size of our discussions, they load very slowly (unicorn process goes to 100%) and eventually time out if the discussion is large enough. We do have a lot of diffs and images in these discussions as well…

I’ve tried tweaking unicorn and gitlab as much as I can, but so far, nothing has helped to speed this up. I’ve been forced to increase the unicorn worker timeout to 75 seconds, just to get some of these to load, but I feel that I shouldn’t have to do this.

I’m sure this can’t be just us that’s having this issue. We’ve moved our gitlab instance to a different machine in the past, but this was an issue for us even on the old instance. Currently we have it running in a VM, but I feel this shouldn’t be an issue either, as we’ve given the VM plenty of resources.

Our old setup was CentOS 6 with the omnibus package, but the new VM is running Arch Linux, which uses packages built from source code. We are running the latest version of Gitlab as of this post, which is v11.3.4.

Also of note is this didn’t really become an issue until Gitlab 11.x.

Has anyone else had problems with this? I feel like this shouldn’t even be a thing and it can’t be unique to just our scenario. Is there anything I can do to speed up discussion rendering? I feel like it’s Unicorn that’s responsible for doing all of the processing before returning the result to the client.

Version info:
gitlab 11.3.4
gitlab-gitaly 0.123.0
gitlab-shell 2:8.3.3
gitlab-workhorse 7.0.0
postgresql 10.5

Apologies if I’ve posted this to the wrong area or this has been answered before. My searching here and on the web has turned up nothing on this so far, which is why I’ve resorted to posting this here.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

I am seeing the same issue on my internal EE GitLab server. While I don’t recommend that users have 150+ comment discussions, I feel like they should be able to. I have reached out to support and await a response. Haven’t had much luck with tweaking Unicorn settings