Display tagged/branched wiki versions

I’m using the Gitlab wiki to document the usage of my code. Currently I keep the wiki in sync with the content of the code master branch, and it works fine. However, I’m about to start tagging releases of my code, so I’d like to provide the wiki documentation for each tagged code release. I was thinking about using the same tag for the code repo and the wiki repo, so that each tagged code version has a corresponding tagged wiki version. But then I cannot make Gitlab display the tagged version since as far as I understand the Gitlab wiki always displays the wiki master version.

The same issue arises with branches: when I tag a release I usually open a maintenance branch in the code repo where I push bug fixes and on which I usually tag bugfix releases. I’d like to replicate this branching strategy for the wiki repo, to produce “bugfix releases” for the documentation. I can handle the branch creation locally by cloning the wiki repo, operating on it and then pushing, but then again Gitlab won’t let me view the branched version of the wiki.

I’m not sure whether I’m missing something or if the features I’d need are effectively missing in Gitlab, so I’d appreciate any comment or suggestion. If the feature is really missing then I’d also like to know if there is any plan to implement it in future releases of Gitlab. Thanks in advance.

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Given the lack of replies I suppose the answer is “No”… but I found another way that could work for me. The wiki is managed as a git repo, whose name is the name of the project plus the .wiki extension, e.g. MyProject.wiki. It would be sufficient for me if this repository could be shown as a standalone project by the Gitlab interface: in this way I could select which tag to show, just like what can be done for any regular project. I tried to see if it’s possible but I didn’t succeed, so I ask here.