Do not see metrics under /-/metrics

Problem to solve

Hi all, hope on your help. Please help to enable gitlab_ci_* metrics

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I’m installed gitlab 16.11.1 from scratch. Prometheus metric enabled by default.
according GitLab Prometheus metrics | GitLab
part of interested for me metrics under feature flag gitlab_ci_builds_queuing_metrics
ok, updated flag in gitlab-rails console

irb(main):001:0> Feature.enable(:gitlab_ci_builds_queuing_metrics)
WARNING: Understand the stability and security risks of enabling in-development features with feature flags.
See for more information.                                                            
=> true

check /-/metrics
curl localhost:8080/-/metrics | grep gitlab_ci_queue_size_total

Steps to reproduce

clear setup on vm with Alma

cat /etc/redhat-release 
AlmaLinux release 8.6 (Sky Tiger)

default gitlab.rb (extarnal_url only changed)


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