Docker container images required to install GitLab CE offline with Helm

Hi, I’m trying to install GitLab CE v13.9.1 using Helm chart v4.9.1.

However, I’m doing this in an air-gapped environment with only a private docker registry using Nexus3.
My k3s is configured to pull images from this registry already and it works but I need to upload the images required for GitLab CE both image name and tag and I cannot find that list anywhere.

The default values.yml in the chart even says the following:

# Due to the scope and complexity of this chart, all possible values are
# not documented in this file. Extensive documentation for these values
# and more can be found at 

However the chart documentation most of the time has the tag master or an empty tag for the image.

My question is, is there such a list? containing all the images that GitLab helm chart will use to configure GitLab?

Thanks a lot!!!