Docker Port and server assignment


I would like to use GitLab CE LFS using Docker. I read the documentation at

but I am still confused about the required settings of --hostname and --env GITLAB_OMNIBUS_CONFIG=“external_url ‘’; gitlab_rails[‘lfs_enabled’] = true;”

I will not be able to use port 80 on the server docker is running at but will proxy that through NGinx. Proxying and reverse proxying is not part of my question.

What should go into the docker run command line settings if:

  • GL:CE will eventually be accessible via the internet through the URL
  • The hostname of the server is (determined through issuing hostname while sshing the machine)
  • Could use whatever port inside the container, defaults are fine
  • Must use port 5001 for http when communicating [GL:CE docker] <–> [localhost]
  • Should finally use port 80 when talking [GL:CE Docker] <–> [NGinx] <–> [Outside world]
  • Needs not directly support https as https will be proxied [https Outside world] --> [localhost (NGinx) https --> http] --> [http Docker GL:CE] through Nginx later

Thank you!

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