Docker push registry

Hi all.
We have gitlab 13.4.2 self-hosted and lately we are hitting this issue when a user does a docker push into GL registry

gitlab_registry_access.log: - - [18/Jun/2021:10:02:17 +0000] "HEAD /v2/i_c/products/search/ls-elasticsearch-plugin/blobs/sha256:88d8277666a0dddb2f3974f15ab44106650a6816c7caaeb7db02db54abdde16d HTTP/1.1" **404** 0 "" "docker/20.10.7 go/go1.13.15 git-commit/b0f5bc3 kernel/4.4.0-1052-aws os/linux arch/amd64 UpstreamClient(Docker-Client/19.03.12 \x5C(linux\x5C))" -

So the error I get in the log is 404… but the pipeline from the user just hang with no errors neither outputs.

Any idea of what could it be?
Any other docker push with different images works just fine so far!


Hi all. Anyone on this issue or any clue?