Docker registry cleanup policies - all setting inputs are disabled

Hi everyone,

I’m seeking help here as a last resort as my numerous searches didn’t find what I was looking for.

We’re running Gitlab 16.3, and somehow all the input boxes (Run Cleanup, Keep the most recent, Keep tags matching, etc…) on the “Cleanup policies” pages of our projects are disabled / grayed out. Mouse cursor switches to a “do not enter” sign when hovering any controls in the page. (Page being: https://<your.git.hostname>///-/settings/packages_and_registries/cleanup_image_tags)

We’ve upgraded to 16.3 last week from a very old 12.6 version. Our projects were created before 12.8, for that reason I’ve enabled “container_expiration_policies_enable_historic_entries” in the settings. (We didn’t use the container registry in 12.6, we just started now, so I figured the performance hit wouldn’t affect us.)

I tried creating a new project in gitlab 16.3 and all the boxes are grayed out as well. However, something different happens with my new project, the boxes contain text (e.g. “keep the most recent” is showing “10 tags per image name”) while in the projects that were created in 12.6, all the setting boxes of the policy are empty.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll resort to writing some cron that pokes the API. Docker is hungry for disk space!

Thank you!