Docker Registry x509 Error

I’ve been working on enabling container registry and have run into a strange problem: I am able to run docker login and successfully log in on the server running GitLab. However, when I run the same command on a client machine, I receive the following error: Error response from daemon: Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority.

I have poured through documentation and can only find issues from previous versions of GitLab or Docker. I also found the documentation to be scattered around in various places, so perhaps I missed something. Can someone please help me resolve the error?

I am running GitLab 13.8.0 and Docker version 20.10.1. I have https enabled for GitLab and the registry using the same domain on GitLab’s suggested port of 5005. I had to manually input the path to my certs in /etc/gitlab/ssl/*. I’m wondering if perhaps I missed a configuration step, or, am using the wrong kind of cert?