Does free tier only allow keeping job artifacts for the most recent pipeline?

Has this changed recently (last couple of weeks)? I have a private project and I used to be able to access job artifacts from previous pipelines, but now everywhere in the UI (jobs/pipeline pages and viewing older job details) the download button to download artifacts are missing. And if you try to access the artifact directly via http or the API by passing in the job id, you get a 404 message.

I had created some releases with links to download artifacts for that tag and so none of those older release artifacts can be retrieved now (all 404).

Only the download button appears when viewing a job from the most recent successful pipeline.

If this is all normal, I guess it’s fair enough but I wasn’t given any notification that this would happen and the online documentation for Free tier doesn’t mention it anywhere. Documentation talks about configuring expiration of job artifacts but the only option I have in my settings is a checkbox for “Keep artifacts from most recent successful jobs” (checked)

Can anyone confirm? Thanks

I found out it is because all my artifacts have expired, which is why they all disappeared. And I found the page in the documentation here

Running pipelines now show the download button for successful jobs, as these are within the 30 day expiry, as well as download for most recent pipeline.